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SPARTAN Ultra Super Shine® is a specialist provider of the highest quality car care chemicals & car wash accessories based in the United Arab Emirates.

Spartanwax has established a name in the car care, car wash, detailing, and car care industry with car detailing centres & OEMs in the Middle East & Africa region.With our expertise in surfactants and detergent chemistry , we have gained a better understanding of the auto industries desires and helped us tremendously in gaining a solid insight into our customers needs.By combining our ever extensive ability in manufacturing, development and innovation with a passion for knowledge , we are able to develop specialized products as per the industry  requirements .

Spartanwax offers premium car care products that are trusted by thousands of car detailing professionals as well as car enthusiasts to give your car a brand new look and feel. From waxes to polishes and accessories to cleaners, Spartanwax can help in taking the appearance of your car to the next level

Spartanwax is a division of WLDF LLC , United Arab Emirates

Ultra Super Shine® is a registered trademark of WLDF LLC